Big money brings bigger expectations for Dak


You finally needed me. Dan Orlovsky, the great analyst for the Mothership. NFL Live continues daily throughout the entire off season at four Eastern on ESPN, Catch Dan with Adam Schefter. Marcus Spears, meaning times Laura Rutledge, four. P. M. Eastern daily on ESPN. Dan. Thanks for joining us. Did the Cowboys have a great day? Yesterday? The Cowboys did not Jack Prescott did Jack press cop Doc Prescott. His family did. But this is a big time swing and miss for the Cowboys. I think that they took a calculated risk. You know, they tried to be patient and patient and patient and didn't want to do something like the Rams and the Eagles did. But man, that is a ton of money to give that Prescott What should the expectation Level B for cowboy fans this year? This year. It Luis, You're stuck in second round of the playoffs. Sniffing your NFC championship game, You know, like here's Here's. This is what my comment is with this, and it's the old saying too much is given much is expected. This is why I was very cautious of giving Dak Prescott a ton of money or second most quarterback money. It's going to impact your football team and we can't snow sit here and say, Well, he's really good. But the expectation status, saying the expectations have to be elevated. Not only individually Hey, what are left tackles out. We still have to win the game on the road against the New York Jets because they stink or when we don't have a Mark Cooper. We still got to play good at the position because you're supposed to be And a difference maker. When it comes to the finances. It's a bad division. I still have to wait to see what happens in Washington at the quarterback spot. If they got a quarterback that I thought was a good player arrived. Patrick I think that I would favor them to win the division because I think Dallas still has issues defensively Offensive

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