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Hey this is brian. Hey hey real real quick. I just want to let you know what you're about to hear is something that if you've been struggling with getting notice this is the person you need here in really good to know. She is a beast. she is very experienced in. She's a go getter so check it out and talking about media and publicity to beat the competition amazing stuff. Let's go ladies and gentlemen boys and girls. We are back with another episode of the authority project in. I have my new good friend here. Tracy is the morey is new year. So you to help us entrepreneurs us media implicity to beat the competition. Is that right. Tracy you got it awesome. Well we shall see we shall see on current episode the authority aride ladies and gentlemen boys and girls. Feast your eyes and tune your ears. It's that time again. We are live with another episode of the authority project. It's the video. Podcast streamed on facebook. Youtube twitter and periscope where we talked to digital marketers business coaches and creators of all kinds on how they built authority in their field. And how you can mimic their success developing authority building your audience attracting clients to your own business now without further ado let's bring to the virtual stage your host brian s arnold back with another one. It is brian here. This is the authority of project you are. The project slept with thirty. Two your name so you can sell more on what you're great at in. We are here with tracy today. And i am so excited because we're gonna be talking about media implicity to beat the competition and i'm excited because i feel like is somewhat of a short cut but i'm sure she'll let us in on the real deal today. How you doing today. Trays gary good. How are you hello everybody. i'm great. i agree. Thanks for asking and before we dive in this first of all. Let the people know who you are personally and professionally so they said the same thing because my professional life has developed from my young advocacy work and my activists working with still really heart center and take on things we love so the bio says. And it's true. I'm an international award. Winning publicist working across industries. I this year. I was thrilled to win the women of inspiration. Twenty twenty for women of media universal women's network women spacious and. Yeah so. I work with you. Know when you think about celebrities and authors may certainly work with them but i also work with authors executives and entrepreneurs literally across industries teaching them how to beat the competition at advance themselves how to become thought leaders and how to use all these millions of forums and mainstream media to siphon the clients from the competition to build their own brand find opportunities for themselves to get awards to find speaking engagements and all that fun stuff. I love it. I love everything about that. So let's talk about your current project. What are you currently working on at the moment. Oh my goodness. I always have dozens of clients that have some more than twenty clients right now across industries literally lab authors power women rating amazing books what women wrote about subscribing widowhood and moving on and people with rosa parks cousin rosa parks. But she hasn't film angeles sadler williamson of film called my life with rosie about what rosa parks did for the next thirty years because she continued to be an activist until her death and inspiring. All of us. I work with jimmy. Dana's who i helped start a campaign way before it was a publicist to help. Free him from death. Row and innocent man. today's free. He's recording artists a lot in rolling stone magazine recording music and on panels with naughty by nature. John rule some big news. Yes i work with. A discovered little recording artists kabalu wasn't recording artist. Then thirteen years old little girl senior room making some comments just getting her feelings out about the issues of last year including koivisto and black lives matter. She wrote a stunning song called. Make it right that. I introduced media last six months. She's gone international in terms of awards. She's won a bunch of awards and getting featured internationally. And when i started talking that's the creative side and then for businesses right now. I work everybody from seo expert to in the healthcare field just like colleges the a neuro marketing expert to luxury real estate agents. Literally whatever you do. I can find media opportunities for you i. I love it amazing. So do you have a question for you to really dive in so with all this talent and people that you work with. Do you have a daily routine at all every day. The same but every day is absolutely different in the age of kobe. My daily routine is pretty much. Go to my desk in it. A all the magic happens from here but different stuff every day and it goes with the flow to some extent because whatever media opportunity that checking the incoming media opportunities and so then that that part of the day depends what i see for who where i'm going to be focusing attention but then we also have strategic moves that were making clients where we planned things for particular days. We know when it's not cold. Ed like in twenty nineteen year was crazy. I literally was privileged to be flown all over the world. Nine different projects across industries took me to the mediterranean. The caribbean to las vegas to l. a. T. literally everywhere and then cove unhappy to the world. Let me have all that travel. The nothing is going to be. No hollywood hills this year. It's going to be able to mountain and ended up but everything's different and it's all very strategic and some things were responding to what opportunities we find which always researching internationally and another in other cases. It's not jake. We know what we're working on all spend one day or one week focusing on one particular client until we get all kinds of stuff rolling for them and then as those things are coming in. I move onto the next winter. I'm really good at juggling very nice. I'm excited to this question here. Because i want to know what got to the point where you felt that the key was publicity in media coverage. What got you to that point where. There's something that you've always been into. Did you go into schooling for that or you just saw something like this is it. This is not only right now. Gone to school for pr publicity. But i've never read a book on it. And i'm only recently meeting publicists that i've been doing this for eight years at the top of my field but no but in terms of what taught me. I've always been an advocate. I was an activist young activists to my twenties issues from anti racism to anti-poverty initiative. All the stuff that was still passionate about his fingerprints. We can change the world and you know what you can change a little bit so because of that work. I knew obviously from that that nobody can get change minds. We can't speak to people. That's how i learned to write. a press. release was when i got involved with that case just from an as an activist during an innocent man on death row in pennsylvania. I literally learned to write. A press release was so good that messaging over ten years. I finally thought

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