Notable Developments on the College Basketball Coaching Carousel Scuttlebutt


A lot of movement on the coaching carousel. Over the past couple of days the big. One of course was indiana firing archie miller. After four seasons. We talked about that on a previous podcast. So go find it. We're not going to spend any time on that here but let me walk you through the other notable developments richard patino out at minnesota and as up tuesday morning. He's the new coach at new mexico. State has quote parted ways with steve. Prohm depaul finally took. Dave laid off the hot seat list. Boston college hired earl. Grant penn state hired mike castrucci berry dead leg spin a pretty good right now. It's spinning man. Yeah listen we give the. We are gearing up for this tournament. We got we got more than forty eight hours till. We're gonna tip the first game here so as expected. We've had some movement on the carousel. So we'll let's get into a little bit of this This scuttle but here kind of take it job by job. Best job openings indiana. Let's kind of go in order. I guess second best job. That's open. I would say iowa state is a better job than minnesota steve. Prohm gets fired late monday night. His jamie pollard was on the selection committee so he traveled back as he should have to meet with promo person and do what he what needed to be done You and i both seven the podcast in january. We expected steve prone to return next season. But we also didn't expect iowa state to never win a game like he just got to an irreversible point. so he's done. He put out a classy statement on tuesday morning. And i don't know whether or not steve prohm will land somewhere else head. Coaching position this coaching cycle but he will be a head coach again. He did take iowa state to three inch tournaments he was really good prior to that at murray state and certainly qualified for. It's just a matter of Is there anything out there. That he would be offered or anything out there that he would want as for the job. The candidates we're early. But i'm told that this is certainly a coach that you know quite well as well i'm told jamie pollard definitely will be considering. Unlv head coach. Tj burger near the top of his list. I can't say that he is the favorite. I just think that it's objectively true. That tj also burger will be under consideration for the iowa state job along the likes of. You're going to hear puerto moser connected to multiple jobs on this podcast because let's face it especially if he wins at least one tournament game. He's just a hot name. And he's going to be attached to iowa st paul minnesota. I i don't know if you'd be a favorite for state. But i think his name makes sense. I think utah. State's craig smith might make sense and then a high. I do have a wildcard one. Uab's andy kennedy has gone to the sec. Good job at ole miss. He's just one year and at uab but he had he had a really good year. In fact i think he won more games in his first season. This past season than just about anyone. Maybe all of all of the first year coach coaches. So i think that's a fact no first year coach at a new program. One more games this season than ak i. It's just i'm lobbying out. There is a name that should be considered. And then i did see fran for shila tweet this and i do. I do think there's something to it. Like a baylor is a one seed could be in the final four. Hey first time since bill henderson all that good stuff tang is a is a high level power conference assistant that is deserving of an opportunity would come at a power conference level. I don't know. But i think it's only a matter of time before jerome tank. Its job as well. So i'm just tossing him in knows the league as potentially someone that They should consider or at least at the very least interview sets an initial pool of

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