A highlight from Body Cons CHATS: Embodiment, Cold Water Swimming, Books & Outrage Culture


Hello everyone how are you. It's molly here. And i want to start this episode with a little disclaimer. A little apology. he will We recorded this episode a few weeks ago but because of life. And all the other things going on at the moment which you will hear about in this episode and it has taken me a while to produce it edit it and get it out so apologies. Some of the stuff you hear is referring to things like home etc and it might seem a little bit out of date but it was recorded a few weeks ago and i hope you enjoy it. Okay on with the show john jay. Come back wow it's been. Why isn't it like six months. I time doesn't really count anymore. Does it you know you could tell me it would. It's two years not be like show. Okay maybe i feel like i feel like we're coming new to the space again. We're back in this room that we haven't been in for a long time. I feel like we need to reintroduce ourselves. Because he's i can't will feels like we're when you again like who always who you. I'm not see on the bright side and mma trainy counselor and i run my own school now with all the technology that we have You last week than you. And i was in my unofficial start rain which is basically just the bedroom where i go and hide from my kids. Who are doing all the hard maths biscuit. drink tea. What's changed for me in this post year. I think a lot of magazines. The i use to write for. Don't exist now so i feel like my work is less about writing zane features. I'm more about a been doing a lot of work for other therapists mental health organizations doing writing for them so my works definitely moved in a slightly different direction as we saw like he gave out to the very first very first episode when we very first started forty cons in one thousand nine hundred eighteen that i i read a lot has changed. Uses them because you agenda mazdas and you become a counselor like that wasn't the case then it is true. How would you introduce. Normally i'm a writer ivan author. We'll talk about on the campaign. A- and other stuff is still the same instead of presents. I still would refer to myself. I guess i defend myself as a writer campaigner on presente and also founder ovation. enterprise which. We'll we'll talk about all of that stuff but it might be useful if you're listening now and you'll of here with these people where they maybe you even listened to the very first episode of body causes a needless and like all the way three she.

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