95. Even 93 is doing pretty


Deputy busies traffic on the three. We've got some rain showers, a scattered around the area. Not everybody will see one of they won't be overly heavy and some spots, so not a big deal to worry about. But maybe something to think about. If you're putting on a jacket to head out tonight for some, but dining or dancing or whatever it is you're gonna be doing clearing skies later on temperatures will be about 48 for the low sun and clouds for tomorrow temperatures. Not far from 70 and some of the warmers suburbs little bit cooler right along the coast down over the cake to clear skies tomorrow night low 49 bit of a change on Wednesday. We'll have clouds and sun. It'll be breezy. They'll be some showers. Moving through is a front moves through high of 65 Thursday sunshine the windy temperatures near 50. Sonny on Friday temperatures in the upper fifties that is 60 degrees right now in Boston. The pandemic can't stop runners from running The Boston Marathon route. WBC's James RoHaas is at the finish line on Boylston Street with how some people are Commemorating Patriots

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