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This week on inside motorsport. Tiny whitlock continues his conversation with mike henry to manage sport on. He was henry and we're talking about his time when he joined. H clay and now we re notting hill. I think it's funny to play. It was fairly small from lingering. Nothing walking quite. I can yeah. It was completed declined. It was very small. But i'll promise is twenty thousand square foot because we painted them with handwriting was and and it took a long time so i'll never forget that factory. Who's twenty thousand square. Can you tell me who some of the people that you work with all. Yeah it was. I mean that was amazing. Obviously the peak of it always cran on john. Cranham was come across some holden and so to begin with. Who is a gentleman called any morrison who this is still a great. He's in the uk. He was one of tom's rodman and he had it was really. He's audio initially. He got into what was happening here in australia. So he'd lobbied tom. I think tom told him to gone. Avalanche a few times and but but eventually tom succumbed until if you wanna go go and do it. So andy came out and started the ball rolling and i think he you'd have to ask him to confirm it. Say sorry. i've got this wrong. But but my understanding was that andy some help cross paths and and it went from there so so sort of the peak was was crinoline mackerras face i i think in mugs defense she ran. The price increase did what she told him. And that's the way it should been because we're very very well. But they were great as as a pair somebody running the county and with his assistant and and then from there dan was. I'll touch on. Obviously a slug. Was there mardi. what was their rex. Nesbitt and there was a poll of other guys in apologies for not mentioning him but it was a really good place. There was a guy from august. The mechanics who was fifteen of is mechanics. It was a by combing mail. If for example who would they know to start something like that was it was quite. Yeah we always had a big job because we had to build your falling on from what the deal attainment done with with oligarchies cars. It wasn't like a building ten. You know the first bill was meant to be five hundred. Twenty to seven hundred and fifty. 'cause there's a lot of cars and in those days walkout i think it had something about twenty-three bits of glass on it and you know not even carbon because that didn't really exist to any extended that dice and ultimately you get at the initial stages you get tempted to awesome non of them in africa on the bean and so yeah so we had amazing people quarter big word interest. I think it was the starlight. We also have the floor and ninety seven and we kicked off sort of And i didn't door would there but blue was running the workshop and he'd had involvement with tom so a lot of sports try with with blue and and yeah so it was an amazing place to be and a lot of things the such a success story you know obviously i'm a bit biased and particularly to those days but you know tom. Tom was an amazing character. And he always the lakefront get on with it and a behemoth. I was his. What the benchmarks right. That's the thing that loss of to be totally honest having spent some time in some extent so i think santa benchmark for world. Yes you know jake. Sport had obviously already existed in the uk into wwl had existence with jake export but but in the uae heights is established themselves as the raw products in the marketplace. And all the rest of it all. I think the best ever want all of you know and credit by a mile. It was such good place to be and the successes that i had and in the building high charts off the back of that and had a couple of larry ran the cars to begin with. And there's plenty plenty of good stories about that but and then you know the beginning of high chat which was still in notting hill. And then eventually the to clayton and i think it is hot. Mackinac seven or eight qazi again. Somebody else. I have to convince those numbers but they were also shaved was incredible fantastic. It really was a very strong niche. That was created huge. And obviously some time down the road in fact when. Hi oli ownership things and things like that. I mean why it happened very sad to see i mean. Thomas was a giant shock for the system before that had happened. Unfortunately the walk into your empire had shrunk almost heaven obviously through the early two thousands. Well coming up to it. Cited the turn of the century for the mid seventy two. The tendency injury twa twr was just the mice. Fantastic county abe for kid lot myself. Who wanted to guy car rising to get involved with. W i was amazing and it was. It was a privilege. Is something that i look back on science. Finally and yeah so for me. I decided gotten off the spanner's as a mechanic that enough of that was looking for something. Different building cars with realized that was torn. Today something else. I think i was born at that time. That our solar transitioning motorsport. So when i was a kid. Every rice team is might up mechanics. Hansel wanted to become a mechanic but by the time i became a mechanic. Then i think that the the grounded shifted enough that now rise teams was saying to durant engineer. So larry along with brockie in that light seventies period and set something in motion that made afterwards time. They engineer side. You know people running however put the ran afterwards and when you look it today it's all engineers so all done a qualification as a mechanic and then probably the end of it thought. Hang on the wrong qualification here. Tommy i've tried to be a rock and roll and all the rest of that sort of stuff but but realize i still wanted to car racing but it was a had to address the situation otherwise i was gonna be on the spans and didn't not that i didn't want to do that. 'cause loving on the spanish but realize i probably do engineering so i went back to university as a mature student and that at swinburne which lobby every second of it phone fulltime so fixed mocatta fix wow and gave it a birthday soldiers and that from a first year uni a computer because computers when you say for those understand about a four eight six Which is so old. Now it's unbelievable marsh running around in saudi decay. The pair guy. But that's how i got to. I uni and then in the millions had to do a year out saw write a letter to any morrison would started higest fe and you know in those days it was now internet so or taught today that of still got it and you look at it and it's awful really but it was a real hell. Mr morrison remember me. Yeah and we gotta find backstory website as saying of course do what do you want to look back at union job anita job for year and i thought i might be able to get away with holiday in the uk off the back of that my partner at the time she travelled and not a bit of a afford that i wouldn't mind doing a bit of traveling nineteen

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