A highlight from Mario 35: A Celebratory Retrospective


Welcome back to the podcast. I'm adam chest we've discussed in pretty serious topics on this channel and then we discussed some pretty also serious topics on this channel but the topic we're going to discuss today. I feel like is the most serious most important topic. We've covered on the podcast. Do you know what i'm talking about. Are you asking me or are you asking the audience. I'm asking whoever's listening you or the audience or i agree. This is unbelievably serious topic that we're about to discuss. If you're just no way around it you have a seat sit down. Take a load off. You know embrace for impact because this topic It it goes deep about about thirty five years deep. If if i'm doing math correctly so for those of you don't know who's super mario is. How explain how you can have access to a podcast but have no clue who super mario is. A podcast in english does anybody that exists. That doesn't area super mario his he. He is one of the most brand recognizable brand brands in the world. It's it's a pretty big If it's not the biggest brand in the world that's pokemon but is a programmatic. Bigger than mario money was. Yes really. oh yeah. Pokemon is bigger than anything moneywise except figure the disney except for human trafficking. Intendo last week announced nintendo. Or what was it. You're thirty five. Is that right. The yes though they they announced the mario direct which had been rumored since march that. These games are going to happen. That this was gonna be a big deal but obviously something else happened march. That kinda kinda overshadowed mario's thirty fifth anniversary. Black lives matter net. Now that's been around since like twenty fifteen. Okay okay I have no idea what you're talking about. Don't know i had to google it. What big event. Worldwide event happened in march. I don't remember anyway but he got overshadowed. Oh yeah the animal. Crossing anima crossings came out for the switch. That's what it was what it was the. Yeah let's just talk about the director of quick. Because i'm curious to know what your thoughts are. The story of mario is the story of males myo Game like Daca gone down to the arcade game donkey kong. I think in nineteen eighty one and then that's generally recognized millennial beginning right. It's usually like eighty the earliest. She'll see eighty three the latest lot of times. You know so. It's right there like there's since we were born donkey. Mario and since we were old enough to remember things the simpsons right. Yeah that's true. Yeah has ever been a memorial in simpsons. Crossover seeing were like there. There's been a reference or something in the simpsons. I am sure they've been plenty of references in the simpsons to mario ammonia had abi. But i mean there was the simpsons game on the yes. There's been a lot of simpson's gapes so they had to make at least one reference. Yeah in homer. Hail mary pass. He came off the italian story. America tour bus to laugh at homer so home through barrels style donkey kong and more your climbs into bar strauss to avoid them as eventually killed by one. Mario with this luigi brother or his brother. Luigi are to to the citizens of bro. land mario as the starship marvelous games. He were a trademark red. Hab blue dungarees and a red shirt and no mlb party of him also appeared in the simpsons game. See i didn't realize. I think i remember the one where homer stone the barrels adam. Kind of remember that. So he's been in five episodes. Marge not not. Marge be not proud. Homer needs hemery pass. Oh brother were dell pay pal and the incredible lightness of being a baby along with being in the simpsons game and also of you comic books simpsons comic books. Just yeah. You're i think you're right. Mario is the story. Of millennials is the is the history of millennials. Just the history of mario It's like the beginning of breath of the wild. Where like or not the beginning. But at one point or impetus like the history of roles the history of the calamity and the history of millennials is. I can't do her voice. The history of millennial hostess the history of the mario so there is a website called. I think it's just super. Mario was the super mario thirty five website. Thirty five

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