A highlight from The Illusion of Free Will: A Discussion on Determinism, Metaphysical Libertarianism, and Futilism


Welcome back to the podcast. I'm adam i'm jeff and today we have Another different completely. Different thing what we've been doing the past couple of weeks we're going to get into a lou discussion about free will and i can hear everyone. Turning off their podcast resin stopper. It's twenty twenty and everybody wants to talk about serious topics. So that's why we're bringing this up because this is what's on. Everyone's mind right now. I wanted to attack. Free will from a knee new new. You're against free will. I don't think i don't think i would guess. He just said he wanted to attack it. I mean like by attacking him talk about it from a philosophical. That sounds somebody who wants to kill. Free will is pretending like no no no no no no free will not what i can't kill somebody doesn't exist right. It's like trying to kill. God like how can you possibly do that. Well i mean that's a philosophical thing and you say doesn't exist it does the concept does therefore it exists fair if a concept of something exists in a definitely exist. This is like the boom people. Like i don't believe in gay marriage. It's like well. Gay people are getting married. It's real right. Yes but not really. Marriage is a is a tangible. Observable event and free will is a concept an intangible concept as is god. God an intangible concept yes but at what point do you intangible become tangible because it gets into like social construct social structure kind of intangible but they exist and they're real in their important right because you could see the effects. There are measurable observable effects of social social social social constructs. Eventually i'll be will learn to speak sparking. Guess i mean we're using one of the biggest social constructs ever right now as we speak to one another language. We made this up. Well yes of course. Yeah i agree. I think when people talk about social constructs they're always talking about race and it's like race isn't the only social construct and just because something's a social construct does not mean it's not real know literally everything involves water more or interacting with each other is indicative of a social construct. Fashion is marriage or politics or economics or sexual or anything. Those are all social. Contracts are roles that we go by in day to day life that we don't talk over each other endearing. Podcasts that adamant itinerary talking to you're discussing easier to do these broadcast. I bet in person you talk over each other but when you're on kind of a delay i'm always wondering like how often we talk over each other because we're thinking. The other person is silent. I have to edit this thing. Because i know that like there are several times for like one of us has to be like okay. You ahead okay. Now you go ahead finish your thought the we go back and forth on the happens more often than you probably realize. They cut out because After them the lord's work. Doing the lord's work by by editing in pencil podcasts. And you have to edit our videos. I'm sure we do that in our videos to videos have a lot of other things that we tend to who has a lot of random sounds.

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