A highlight from 708: Supergirl S6E03 Review: 'Phantom Menaces'



Six episode. Three phantom menaces taken away. David john fine silence but he is really cold and transforms into a phantom minion. Mcgann wants to go after the phantoms. But john is still failing to communicate she goes alone. Captures four phantoms. But it's almost killed the supervision survivor base under siege while john saves mcgann the original phantom escapes again. Kara and her dad travel through phantom portal to a different phantom zone. Hard to say zora is captured but kara is saved by fifth dimensional imp. Princess knicks look splints. Supergirl super opens up to this person. She has just met nick. Lee is inspired by supergirl breaks her bonds and gets her magic back. They rescue her dad. And then go find a way out of the phantom zone back in the real world. Lena with bernie's help spars with lex. Luther corp lena and bernie really hate lex but they decide. They can't just kill him. Lena finds out that the only winning move is not to play. Also stage of grief continue. Alex may have overcome her depression and invites kelly to move in. We'll see john overcome his both. Denial and bargaining to write. This was certainly an action packed and feeling picked episode. Yes we thought there were lots of feelings in the previous episode but that was just set up for the feelings in this episode. Eight ten love and despair. I guess there's an emotion. Where do you wanna start this. Just deal with the ape lot. Which i don't think it really matters so it shouldn't take too long. Which is the phantom's i was entirely wrong about the phantoms. The phantoms are not connected to the phantoms in the phantom zone. They're not portland back. And forth from earth they are just literally Vampires zombie infection plague. That's could overtake the planet now. The phantoms have their full power on earth. It is interesting but it's just bizarre that every time they interact with the phantoms they take out all but one and then they take them all out but one and then they take them all out but one not one phantom really good and getting away yes yes oh pesky really that's that's about all about the phantoms themselves that i care to discuss lots more about how people are reacting. Think the only other thing. I really want to mention the phantoms is the cgi. Even see gee. I think it was literally just a morph of silence to the phantom was probably the most nineties effect i have seen in this. Tv show ever so silas gone forever. Now i think that's the implication but you never know because he's kinda vampire and they're kind of acting like vampires a little bit with siring more vampires. I would hope the silence could somehow return. But certainly the implication with the fact that they were about to lose meghan that suggests that maybe silence is gone. And that makes me sad. I liked silence. Yeah he was a good guy he was doing the right thing helping these people and certainly don't seem to have been well. They have a lot going on but yet they could have spared a little morning for him. I think let's slide over to the meghan plotline.

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