How To Successfully Take Your Practice Online and Generate Loyal Clients Who Stay For the Long Term with Peggy Bown - burst 07


Is batch creation so spend one day a month and go okay. Well if i'm doing three of these types of posts a week. I'm going to make twelve of them right. And so you spend one day you make twelve posts and it's done and get a months worth of content and you just wait for the next day to do that. If that's true. Daunting start with batching. One week in advance until you get good at it and you can just do one month three months in about that. You don't do too far in advance because things then become not relevant and it but as long as it's standard kind of fake you style. Objection based content which is always relevant if a green. Then yeah sure you can bet longer but in general just batch a month or two in advance of that kind of content. So if you know that you're going to like the last six months you got a couple kill testimonials or

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