Celtics Trade Rumors: Nikola Vucevic


Do have interesting trade rumors. We didn't want to wait till after to get to them and they involve a bunch of big names that we've been kicking around on the thread on the on the live streams all of this time some really big fish out there. The Celtics are supposedly in on so we'll go Name by name. But again, this is Shams very plugged in the Athletic Club throwing out vucevic throwing out Jeremy Grant throwing out Harrison Barnes. These are all enticing names and honestly those three plus there and Gordon are probably the big fish house on the market Garden Of course dealing with the sprained ankle. So teams are wait and see there but those are the big names out there. We've been hearing them all the time. I'm going to start with Bobby's boy boo Savages. Part of that report was that it's going to be a massive Hall that we've been debating on all day Bobby what that actually entails but first this you turned on this guy meaning turned back towards this guy as Gore guy tell us why tell us what you think what you'd be willing to give up here for the Celtics to get it done. So I was never the biggest fan him and the sticks were previously invested in him during that Kemba Walker offseason. They were hot on him cuz they had the max cap space after Kyrie and Mortadella could have filled him down the middle. So there's a connection there. Obviously Kemba came along and grab that bone. Now, you have the chance to have four All-Stars on the team of chemicals affect them. They hated it. Yeah, and I still don't love it now, but I think context is everything you don't have cap space forever now wage only so many ways you can improve in the future. So why not grab the best player available? And I think out of all the options were going to talk about today. This guy's an All-Star. He pushes 30 points a game on many birth. It's eye dominant. Rebounder. Probably one of the best rebounders in basketball this year defense. We'll see I think it's all situational but he's kind of a disaster down there in Orlando defensive or a that could change in Boston and the three-point shot by zone is the best 3-point shooter above the break and basketball this year. So that's perfect in Boston pick-and-pop off and he'd get open shots above the are called a there he can post up he's seven feet. I know people will love that. He's a real big so he just give them a bunch of different options and outlets for offense and size that they don't have right now and this is what I love about and to John if they can find a way to clear types in a potential deal here clear Thompson in a game here and you're left with Rob and bukovic. See the dream. That's the dream. So look at it this way though. If you're the other team coming back, your don't want to take on Thompson or Thai so, you know, Rob is automatic berth. Certainly, if you're going to go big, you know to go get somebody else's big. I don't see any world in which you make a trade really any trade at this point in Rob Williams is still a Celtic. So anybody at home saying do do it do it I think has to get used to kind of giving up on their Binky which is Rob Williams, which is going to be hard for a lot of Celtics fans to be able to live with that.

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