Giants. That's the very latest


The very latest I'm Jim four. Now. This Bloomberg Sports update Aaron Boone could be back in the Yankee dugout this weekend. After having surgery Wednesday. The 47 year old former big leaguers said he would have been managing the Bronx bombers Friday against the Tigers in Tampa. Had it not been for covert protocols. Boone had a pacemaker and planted earlier in the week after experiencing lightheadedness, low energy and shortness of breath over the past month or so. As for the game, the Yankees and Tigers played to a one all tie The Yankees, now three and two of the preseason. So far the Mets had Friday off. NBA fans are arriving in Atlanta ahead of Sunday's All Star game, ignoring the mayor's pleased to stay away. Mayor Key show lands. Bottoms also was asked bars and nightclubs to not hold old star game events. But many are ignoring her, too, as well. Businesses hope fans will help them begin to recover from the economic illness of the Corona virus pandemic. Atlanta Police officials say they're worried about parties turning into super spreader events.

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