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Popping city Heaven. Hines outside state for Marina Pandemic has been going on for over a year. Now People are tired of standing the house it self proclaimed. Diehard MBA Fit is in town for New Jersey. He won't be attending the game, which is closed to the public. He's still excited about the party's his parties everywhere. Hines is one of tens of thousands of other fans who ignored the pleas from the MBA. And mayor Keisha Lance bottoms to stay home and watch the game on TV. The arena capacity will be locked at 8% plus no NBA backed events in the city, but officials worry about non NBA events going on outside the arena. The Department of Justice is evolving to crack down on hate crimes against Asian Americans, more than 3000 cases reported just during the Corona virus outbreak, which began in China. The CDC has a new study on how well wearing a mask reduces the spread of covert 19 details on that from WSB Sabrina, Cuba. The study looked at mask and restaurant and CDC says places where on premises dining is allowed. Saw significant case increases just 60 days after restrictions were lifted, Researchers found some places so a decreasing coronavirus cases up to 20 days after a mask mandate was implemented. This comes after Texas and

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