A highlight from Scott Barrett: 2021 Top Rookie WRs


N the lovely draftkings. I've got them both on my phone. Hopefully you guys do as well. I am ross tucker former. Nfl offensive linemen five teams. Seven years. most of you guys know about that. If you check us out on youtube you can see the helmets and the game balls. I actually have a couple of other game balls. But like the stickers or whatever that the bills us i don't know if they cheap doubt or what or in messed up and but like the they're all disfigured or something. I get schizophrenia. Fixed those at some point anyway. I'm at ross tucker. Nfl on twitter and instagram and facebook. If you enjoy all our shows like even money and raw soccer football podcast college draft draft right around the corner. Please check them all out at ross tucker dot com or just follow at ross tucker pod on twitter instagram. And you'll know exactly when they are posted when they're available. Last week was awesome with joe. Dolan talking about the rookie quarterbacks in the importance of talking about them before the actual draft takes place this week.

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