A highlight from #146 Jo Bhakdi on Whole Exome Sequencing

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My guess today is joe. Bach t the founder and ceo of gene. And in this episode we are going to be exploring whole genome or rather xm sequencing. We might touch base on whole xm and genome sequencing together. So thank you so much joe for coming on the call here and letting us talk about this specific type of genetic testing. You're excited to be here. I think the tremendously important topic. End of once paves the way in some respects. In gem landon also semitic testing today's jeremiah. And yeah very excited dive in so when it comes to whole xm sequencing for people. That maybe haven't heard of this before if there are students listening what is whole sequencing. So genetic testing started you know very in a very limited way focusing on assisting arians of maybe specific genes because there was simply no other option to do things because sequencing was expensive and very complicated to handle so as you s you listeners. Probably know we have a bunch of billion nucleotides on the of these seventy one percent that coding would be called. Coding genes or coding locally. Pat speak at specific best Sexy interesting topic We have but we have something around twenty twenty one thousand genes that are being used. You know people say up to nine thousand additional silence genes that are not being used so expression of day and then you have a vast ninety. Nine percent of the genome is likely non-coding light these not the us nothing red not be translated per proteins to be most accurate. Let me talk about the entire thing. Twenty two chromosomes mataya wait. He's you dis many talk about. Show me talking about this. One percent of the twenty billion roughly thirty million nuclear tides. Vastly twenty thousand genes. Our buddy actually uses to produce you know these twenty thousand proteins and so basically to more cost effectively. If you would have told everyone ten years ago it was cost effective that ten million dollars something to do a single akzo at nowadays wanting us the first company to bring this allows one thousand dollars including clinical interpretation at which is dramatic. It's a dramatic step change. And that is very time because it's utilize brecca dean example jeans to bracken's lead to our Talk about twenty thousand genes. so it's very different scope and another thing. Besides the sequencing costs need massive amounts of a i in cloud computing to clinical analysis of twenty thousand genes. If you want to do it. Cost effectively not have a durations.

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