The Race to Succeed Germany’s Angela Merkel Just Got Exciting


The partnership of germany's christian democrats and its bavarian sister group. The hugh has long been considered one of the most stable imposible politics and for the best part of twenty years. Angela merkel has brought to. This has strong and steady leadership both as chairwoman of the cd you and as chancellor of germany but the race to replace this autumn threatens to uprootal this as the two parties have endorsed rival candidates for chancellor the cd you has backed almond lash. The party's leader. The issue is throwing its weight behind the prime minister of bavaria. Marcus urda well to examine what this will mean for the party. And for germany's future. I'm joined by suited david philp. Who's the deputy director of the german marshall fund berlin and also by kirsten gamla these deputy editor of the parliamentary bureau of the deutsche citing. Now let's begin with you suda. This week has seen a series of stages in meetings to try and work out who will take the helm on friday yesterday. Those a four hour long session wasn't that we're both men set out their stall. Yes i mean this is really something that the cdc issue Are have found themselves in a really difficult situation. Because at this point you have two candidates vying to succeed merkel who are going to come out of this process damaged And it's going to split the party So it'll be really interesting to see how the conservative bloc comes out of this

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