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You walk made it weird with the homes. Look what's happening weirdos as i've been talking about this book for the past month two months. This is brian moore esco who i hope. I'm saying that correctly brian. Maria rescue morale school. He wrote the immortality key which is a book that absolutely Blew my mind changed my life. I loved it. I as i say in this interview. It's like an indiana jones epic but real life about the psychedelic origins of as he says the religion. Excuse me the religion with no name. It's unbelievable. I won't tell you too much about it here because we do talk about it in the con- in the conversation you're about to listen to but check it out. It is an incredible book. I love it. I love it i love it. You can also watch. He has a youtube video made by the wonderful channel after school. That sort of talks about the main point to the book which i also highly recommend. So let's get to it. Thank you for tuning in always if you want to show your support of the show. Please try a pete's pick like miami undies wearing peach. They're just sort of a plane. Peach patterns me makes plain patterns. Mundy's is the most comfortable and soft is unaware that i've owned and several years ago. I heard them advertised on another podcast. And val and i both did a complete on these overhaul. We wanted to have a comfortable quality underwear. And i'm so glad that we that we did. Not only did they fit grade. I love the patterns I actually because You know an actor change in front of people and they get a lot of comments which yesterday was unicorns. Got a lot of unicorn jokes which i liked Me on these believes that comfort is about more than what's touching your skin. It's about feeling comfortable in your skin. That's why mandy sources the softest most comfortable fabrics imaginable. Express yourself every day in new limited edition prints because what you wear in the outside should empower you from the inside. That's like their whole thing. You know when you rush home to change into something more comfortable. Well that's me undies. They pull the clouds from the sky and they spin it into undies socks bras and lounge wear you can choose from endless styles in sizes extra small to four xl. I'm a forty way. I actually like the three. Xl a little bit looser. Their sustainably soft micro modell and new ultralight breathe fabrics are so comfy and well readable so you can move free or not.

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