The Wrongful Conviction Of Joseph Webster

Latino USA


It was april of two thousand and five and joseph webster had been sitting in tennessee state. Prison for nearly three years. He was serving a thirteen year sentence for selling cocaine. Joseph said he had a chance to go up for parole. He was hoping to go home early. He was twenty six years old at the time and then things took a drastic turn. Joseph was notified. He was being charged with the murder of a man. Named leroy owens someone that he said he had never met in tennessee. That meant he was facing a life sentence or even the death penalty would stay doing heartbreak on family. They will buy cheese perfectly covault and eighties again. I have leery. Owens was skilled in november nineteen ninety eight when joseph was just nineteen years old several years before he went to prison for selling drugs. Leroy's murder was brutal. He was beaten over the head with a cinderblock several times. The case remained unsolved for seven years. The moment after hearing the news is a blurred joseph. Not only was he not going to go home. He now had to prepare for trial behind bars. He thought of his three young sons and his mom. Marie burns who had been waiting patiently for his release. You know he called me so mama they trying to say keo some bad as a about us. Judson ju is added. Do it is added not do that.

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