Juan Sebastián Elcano Was Actually the First Person to Circumnavigate the Earth


Ferdinand magellan is often credited with being the first person to circumnavigate the earth. However this isn't true. I don't mean this in the same way that columbus wasn't the first european in the americas because the vikings made it to newfoundland. I i mean magellan never circumnavigated the earth at all period. The magellan voyage did not set out travel around the world. The purpose of the mission was to find a western route to the spice islands. Or what we now call indonesia. They set out in fifteen nineteen only twenty seven years after columbus first landed in the bahamas in fourteen. Ninety two the magellan voyage really just set out to achieve with the columbus expedition tried to to reach asia by sailing west. The difference was that this time they knew there was a gigantic landmass in between europe and asia. And this time they were gonna go around it. Magellan was portuguese so many people assume that his expedition was sponsored by portugal. But that wasn't the case. It was actually a spanish expedition sponsored by king charles. The first the spanish wanted the western route because portugal had a monopoly on the eastern route around africa in through the indian ocean. The expedition consisted of five ships with supplies. Last two full years the total crew consisted of two hundred and seventy minute at the start mostly spanish but with crew from many different countries. The expedition took a major toll. The first ship was lost in fifteen twenty in a storm in argentina. The second ship was abandoned in what is now called the straits of magellan. Several months later the third ship was scuttled in the philippines and may fifteen twenty one because of lack of crew and the fourth was lost in indonesia in december on april twenty seven. Fifteen twenty one. Magellan himself was killed in the philippines by the natives of the island where they landed. He was surrounded and killed with spears. This left the expedition. In a quandary. Its leader was dead. Over half the crew were dead and they were on the other side of the world. They sailed around without any purpose for about six months. And eventually the crew selected one wants fashion elcano a spaniard to be the captain of the last remaining in smaller ships of the fleet. The victoria they decided to return home via the western route and september. Six fifteen twenty two. The ship arrived back in spain at the same port. They left almost three years

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