Sobriety After the Pandemic


So i have been working from home for the past fifteen months I'm not been to church in person. I have avoided large gatherings. Basically all the cdc recommendations so my little world has been very sheltered. Mike a lot of you and one of the things that i'm noticing is i'm able to go out a little bit. More now. is that being around. People requires a muscle and that muscle that was used to the constant stimulation of being around large groups of people and the noise and the visuals the input of colors and sound and the output of conversations and interacting well that muscle hasn't been exercised in over a year. And as i'm going out now. I'm realizing that being out in the world takes a lot of energy adamy. That muscle is super weak right now and already. I get to a point where i've got about an hour or two in me before my anxiety gets triggered and i need to go somewhere quiet. Imagine taking a long nap in a dark cave and then you leave your cave. You immediately enter the front doors of a las vegas casino with all the lights. And the sounds bombarding you. It's overwhelming right. Just that visual overwhelms me. And that would take some time to acclimate to and that's just what it feels like to me lately. And if feels like that for me then i know it feels like that for some of you to and that's a key factor to acknowledge before we even get into the alcohol part of this conversation as you re enter the world and social settings that you used to be in with alcohol. You're probably gonna feel overwhelmed at first and that's not because you're not drinking. It's because that interaction muscle is out of shape. It's gonna take a hot minute before your senses acclimated to the world in the way that they used to be. It's going to take some exercising that muscle and building it up over time to feel stronger so it's important to acknowledge that if you're feeling anxious that's not just because you're not used to being in a social setting without alcohol that's because you're not used to being in a social setting period.

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