Basecamp Bans Societal and Political Discussions at Work


The startup base camp is well known intact circles. It makes product management and communication software for business teams. It developed the ruby on rails software development framework. It's quite influential in silicon valley but last week it got a lot of unexpected attention nationwide when it announced its employees would no longer be allowed to have quote societal and political discussions on the company's internal base camp account leaders at the companies said. The conversations had become too much of a distraction from work. The move sparked a ton of conversation base camp and beyond and it's indicative of a broader debate happening in silicon valley for more on this we turn to our tech reporter catherine bentley. Hey thanks for being here. Thanks for having me. So tell us about the reaction. We saw base camps announcement. Here are both inside the company and publicly yeah I mean this was all over twitter. Oliver lincoln effectively. What you had was kind of two camps if people you had people who said you know i some people especially underrepresented groups. They can't always sort of divorce politics from their identity. For example i saw someone tweet Someone who's non binary. Say if i introduce myself with my preferred pronouns at a work meeting some people might view that as a political move but to me. This is part of my identity. So there's this overlap between diversity and inclusion and quote politics and so you had some people really taking issue with this and thinking that it was that such a ban was effectively away to silence uncomfortable conversations about diversity and inclusion as opposed to quote political debates on the flip side. you had people One example would be the ceo of coin based brian armstrong saying he thought it was a courageous move and point base actually made a similar move this past fall and people who are sort of on the other side of this debate. Say that you know work should be about work that this has become a distraction that you know. It's it's just become too much of a focus in office culture and that people shouldn't be bringing their political opinions into the

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