A highlight from Ep 217: Crabs, Bad Sex Tips & Feelings


You the latest headlines keeping you politically informed mixed in with the little pop culture. You never know what you're going to hear subscribe and listened to laugh and learn on the app or apple podcasts. Or wherever you listen podcast. Guess what decision. We're about to make more decision in. Pajamas are sucking lots of dick but nanas and pajamas. One very quick pajamas. One in their click but unknown guppy. Okay we should think anyways guys have anti to another of horrible decision and girl manby aka fulcher palms aka debt bitch aka a. I don't pay anymore. But i used to be the stallion aka. What do i guys easy. And i'm just here in her bonnet thank god. She is in pajamas. The so that's why we started with. It's not pajamas. Wheezy cam and see what it's a pantsuit and she's a cut. This is way way. I just want to make a little comment. Somebody was like a shady into that yet. Which i am. I'm sorry i am. And i want to be very clear in saying that. If you're new to this show i apologize. If you're offended but apologize for them being offended fuck off if you had an issue with my shadiness bitch you can leave. This is the show of four years. And i'm going to continue to do. It's not shade. it's judgment. I get this shade versus judgment but i feel like our. Pj's this is not a i if you are watching us on youtube mix sort of what you're drunk makes their you make horrible decisions. Yes this lovely lovely lovely audio that you guys get. You can also enjoy the full video episode on youtube. Search horrible decisions you get to see on a set where in wt studios what we do actually put money into you guys watching us if you want to so if you thought the shade sounds shady audio way you add the face bitch. Every monday twelve. Am don't like like honestly even the pauses like. I know y'all listen. Y'all just hear the dead crickets silence but when you love video there's a look goes up. It's giving it's giving judgment it naming either. Pj's bitch is like a blazer and pant. i leave the it's it is it's giving nyquil but you know we're hearing queer with another episode for you guys you guys have been requesting solo episodes and you know it just to be a little messy boots. She can guys saying that he does that. Mean you gotta shutter check out on bible stories with brianna and not on this one. I guess we've had do you. I haven't that's why some archived nevelson essay followed some of it. Some of them weren't great. Some of them were This actually has been a long time coming. Our show is better received in higher rated without guests. And i think there's a particular thing to be said about mandy and is dynamic. That is fun to watch and what's happening with guests now for anybody. Listening wants to come horrible decisions. I'm gonna tell you what i want. I want to share what she wants to blend in. Let's not speak for each other. Go ahead let us talk about the guest. We want so for me. I'm kind of tired of your coming on to promote your shit so hard. This is not the breakfast club we had an episodes now. Don't don't don't be. Don't don't make it to know recently where i realized like i felt like we were almost forced to do a billboard. Yeah it's frustrating. Because i want you guys to come on into your authentic cells. And i want you to be so good that people rushed to find you I will say one of the most popular episodes we've had within. The last year was with Shadow to via franklin who came on the show clearly to promote her podcast and cross audiences. And i didn't feel like she served that thirsty nece in her episode and as other guests have yeah like she said it at the end like and forgot about it and it was fun and entertaining and like a lot of people can do that without like trying so hard and trust me when you are on speaking show and necas love you. They will find you. Don't matter what they will be in the comments. What's their instagram. What's this like people will come to you. If they're fucking with your vibe and right now the vibe that schaller giving aids exhausting me. I just wanna have fun on the show. I wanna talk about kinky shit. I don't want you to live up. Can you should you do. I don't want you to overdo it for us and like talk to iheart and black effect about a fucking ad if you need it that bad seriously come on the show to have a good time with us and help people understand your kink and entertain others with us and just enjoy the combo and not be so focused on the brand like. I'm tired you me bitch. You really wanna pass it to me Not do this ain't gonna do. I mean i'm gonna do what he may. I'll be honest in saying when we started this show. We had so many authentic genuine stories to share. We also started receiving feedback. That it's sex how y'all go make it pass on episodes in the journey of this show. We've realized there were so many things that we had no education on her. We didn't have experience with that. We did start loving to reach out to people within the community. Unfortunately within trying to share what this pod was supposed to be business happened. And i think that amidst trying to grow this in a space where it was profitable for us Which eventually led for us to leave our jobs. Thank god but we

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