How Parabens Kickstarted the Indie Beauty Movement


That have branded as paraffin free. Outsell cosmetics branded as natural despite being illegal cosmetic claim in certain regions of the world such as the e u. the parliament. Free claim is here to stay. I one of the indisputable drivers in cosmetic sales being pop and freeze now so popular that the marketing term power been free. Cosmetics might be the difference between getting a vc product on the shelf and keeping a product on the shelf. In fact the power free movement has now grown so big that bbc manufacturers are abandoning these traditional synthetic preservatives in drives. It's also given rise to an entire industry of india. Bbc brands natural ingredients have been around for millennia. Long before the first synthetics effect was invented. People were already making that own beauty products using fats oils pigments waters and most importantly plants. There's a reason much of this. Plant knowledge is still known to us today because lots of it works. Many of us have grown up being told what to do and we sting ourselves on the nestle we grab a nearby dot leaf which plants can stain skin if we use them be true turmeric and which local plants can help with wound healing if we ever cut ourselves however the naturals movement did not take off online because people had been using plants since the dawn of time instead. It all started with a paraffin.

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