President Biden asks Americans to get vaccine and celebrate July 4th 'together'


President. Biden says he is directing states to make all adults in the U. S. Eligible for covert 19 vaccines by May. NPR's Franco Ordonez reports, Biden spoke Thursday evening about helping Americans regain a sense of normalcy. President Biden delivered his first primetime address to the nation where he marked the sacrifices Americans have made well, giving some hope for the future finding light in the darkness. Is a very American thing to do. In fact, It may be the most American thing we do. He cautioned that adults may not be able to get vaccines immediately in May, but that they could start to sign up for appointments. He's also doubling the number of pharmacies that will have the vaccines and expanding who can deliver shots. He also gave Americans a goal get vaccinated, Where Mass and likely you'll be able to celebrate July 4th with family and

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