Blair Peyton Goes First - B & H



Because even when i go to be an h. One of the few luxuries. I get going out of the house and like just buying equipment for myself. I'll just make small talk with the employees. Because i miss human connection and just the people that work there they're like. Oh you have a podcast. Like i i just like a common occurrence of people coming in like i wanna get a microphone and start a show but yeah. There's definitely been as far as the industry that i work in professionally which is podcasting. There was a little bit of a dip at the beginning of the pandemic People were at home and they're like what do we do now watch. Tv never get out of bed by the way describing a day for myself But you're sitting your bed right now chatting. So i actually. You're welcome by the way. I took a shower before this. I was like you know what. I have to make some sort effort. Well thank you. I don't have my workout clothes on right now. So yeah i. I too took a shower or

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