A highlight from Martin Starr


You walk made it weird with the homes. Look what's happening weirdos. We are doing a live. You made it weird right off the bat. I'm gonna tell you live. You made it weird april tenth with me that now. Now jason jason jason schwartzman the incredible actor and musician music from matt burning her from the national and questions from you guys in the chat. Live an immediate an amazing. It's going to be great Its name your price. I know some people are working less than they usually are during the quarantine still wanting to come to name your price and those that are working. Maybe flood a little. Maybe flowed an extra buck to help those that that art so we can spread that around to the guests and everybody that's helping us produce the show. We hope to see their tickets at pete. Holmes dot com my website. Just points to the page for the tickets on april tenth. In the meantime meaning right. Now this is martin star. boy. I i loved episode so much. Let's get to it. As i always as quickly as possible. We only have one piece pick for this episode So if you wanna show your support for the show. Please try harry's for so long. I've been using the only razors. I knew of really. Yeah it rhymes with sma latte. I'd get it at. Cvs they'd have to get a manager with key around their neck to unlock the glass case. The jewelry section of the cvs and no wonder they cost like three thousand dollars per refill. And i was tired of it. Somebody i found out about harry's through the podcast and i am blown away. Not only are they as good as the super expensive slats even better than the super expensive splits and they're delivered directly to your door so try harry's for your shaving needs to often were choosing between quality or a fair price with harry's you don't have to choose they give you award winning blades at factory direct prices. I was like. I said i was with the big guys. I was shaving over certain spots on my face two three times and with these harry's blades it's one and done. I can't believe that even better and it shipped directly to my door couldn't be easier so i always have fresh sharp blades on the way which i love so for a limited time.

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