Chicago deli giving away 1,000 sandwiches if customers come in wearing mask properly


Shut automatically stellar. We all have maddie's deli very famous place giving out a thousand free sandwiches today to customers wearing a mask. Manny's initially started to give away as a challenge. Challenging at the south delhi would give out sandwiches if we go thirty days having ask anyone to put a mask on properly. Wear your masks prior to the challenge. They said it hadn't made it longer than a few hours with that. Have to ask people to adjust their masks. Within a day the restaurants have the challenge had already failed and at least seven. People had to be corrected Later that same day they revealed that an anonymous donor would sponsor free sandwich. Day for the first thousand customers wearing a mask And they announced that it would be today. Unlimited thousand sandwiches given out first come first serve basis to customers wearing a mask. The doors opened at nine thirty. The daily also noted that on top of the promotion it would be giving out sandwiches to all four hundred and fifty staff members at uc mass vaccination site today as well so Go support manny's always. But i guess today you can get in there and i think they'll be all along that so good but starting at nine thirty thousand free sandwiches. Manny

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