What Matters More..Your Mindset or Your Actions? - burst 05


You actually looked at a wait and you walked back out Victory song that is not a victory. The victory is actually pushing past all that getting ready to get started and getting on the phone using a script using a conversation outline use following it as we prescribe for all of you to use it off. Pre-qualifying setting appointment then taking a listing. That's what you celebrate. If you celebrate the micro steps on the way there. You're never going to get past that you do not celebrate Michael Phelps showing up to the gym. You did not felt celebrate jumping the pool. You celebrate the gold medal. That's right, which brings us to expectation. What are you actually planning as a result the degree of probability that something will occur and I really think that should almost be the first thing because you can see people's language right like so how many times do they say? Well, I've got to get through my lead follow up. Well that kind of shows your expectation to just get through it. What if your expectation when it shouldn't be called lead follow but should be called appointment setting that's right. Okay. So what if you said I instead of I'm going to get through it. I'm going to pound it out. I'm going to leave some voicemail messages. Maybe I'll text a few people instead. You said I absolutely will set a minimum of one pre-qualified motivated appointment by the time I get to the end of the people. I've got a call. There you go. So my birth Expectation and the expectation that all of our you know, High Caliber coaching clients set for themselves is they're going to set at least but minimum standard one pre-qualified listing appointment per day and then then the afternoon they're going to go on one listing appointment a day and they're going to take virtually every single one of them. That is the expectation that we have for every single one of you and I do not care what the market is doing. I don't care if it's a seller's market they all of you can do that. All of you can achieve that level of consistent results. And here's the fun question a slight side step is what would you stop have to stop doing in order to have that level of you know off early discipline in your lives and and earn the right to essentially have predictable duplicatable cash flow in your life and making massive profit in your life. And you follow our prescription for success in real estate guys. We are going through finding you're eliminating most if not, 99% of all the c r a p that everyone's telling you to do all you got to get in you gotta do a discipline amount of media content and you have to do some social networking wage. The other things, you know, you sit down you do your work you set one pre-qualified listing appointment. You get your listings up to a specific number a specific number will sell every single month. You'll have very inconsistent cash flow. I'm going to run this through you guys real quick, right? I know you're okay. So if you had five listings at all times and every single one of your markets, at least three of those would be in contract at all

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