A highlight from Off Script: Empire or Kingdom?


Than those who went ahead and those who followed were shouting hosanna blessed is the one who comes in the name of the lord. Mark chapter eleven burstein. Hey everybody i'm crystal and this is off strip podcast every week. We take a deeper dive on sunday. Sermon talk about the theology behind it and get a chance to and talk about. Anything ended up on the cutting floor. That didn't make it into the sermon. Weird on palm sunday. the homestretch to easter. What did you give up. I let by the way. I didn't give up anything. I'm not really into that. I made a challenge to read more. And listen to more podcast instead of picking up my phone at night into sitting in bed before committing to watching more notre dame football that. What's your jam reading and listening to. I can get really distracted with my phone or watch shows with scott and tell mike. We need to star scotsman brand new listeners. That's my husband. all right. so what podcast have you been. Have you been doing what you committed to. I mean not as good as i should but So listened to the inspired podcasts. That our church churches doing which is very good. So ashley danner mcbride and christine are doing a book. Study on inspired by rachel held evans. And then they're gonna podcast over and it's a fantastic book and the podcast has been really enjoyable. Even if you don't read the book it's it's been really really good. And then i've done. I love paint to politics. That's One of my favorite podcasts For the love gin hat maker Do bernie brown one. I've just kinda hopped around. I've got a few that. I just love to excellent. Okay very good. What about you would you do. So i committed to not skipped meditating any day and let so far so good Committed to read the cross and the lynching tree by james cone decide the conclusion to read. It's fantastic talking more about that And then Yeah i mean same. Kind of thing. Got rededicating to spiritual. I did not give up anything this year. Because i think i might have said this column or something but i feel like we all gave a whole lot past year It seemed like redundant I know we're not to yet do easter baskets for your kids. Yeah i've never done one for what. Oh my god. i know. Look or like valentine's. I'm just like i know my fair the short answer to that okay. So maybe maybe this is the year that commit. Well i was just you know. I figured i'm going to have to start when she starts asking other kids like in school wait. I didn't get one of those now. I should specify these bunny comes to our house. k the end these money is very knowledgeable.

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