A highlight from The Best Music Of March: NPR Staff Picks


Have something like brash outrageous. In my face i do bob. E kakuei is a duo featuring the producer bautisita and ankle and rapper activists in okada cluster. May if petita summit familiar he he did a record with komodo number one the congolese artha put out a string of really great records like almost two decades. But this is a record that pairs these two together Not for the first time. But they've decided to kind of like to kind of concept record so like the idea is to who have crash landed on earth and in crashing to earth. They are suddenly faced in confronted by like all the iniquities of humankind. and so. that's kind of what this. Yeah that's kind of what this is about. It's like really brash. Up in your face observations on humanity but with extremely fun party music. that's amazing. So what are we going to hear record. I here palay. You might hear a little bit of Their field recordings of angolan music. They use and it's kind of all mixed in with like house. Music beats and a little bit of like really razor sharp boom bap and pay translates

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