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Now. Baby i can't hear you gotta tell me on. I don't let my headphones what's up baby. Hey hey off to high. Yeah we live. We let we happening right now. Recorded this and then you put it out now. I'm tripping yeah you trip we do a straight off the fucking were doing in. Lyons you feel me okay. Maybe it'll riley. We do it bill o'reilly style right. Even steven live on the full service. Radio website go live live. Live live so you're like so what official i don't move that's a compliment ordinance for those. I know i'm gonna tell you. Thank you and piss off on the same sentence there it is. It is what's up. Y'all welcome back to the over the show. The podcast is your chance to eavesdrop on three professional creatives as we discussed the eps down. Inspirations happenings in the creative industry from whatever to whatever to whatever to whatever it's your boy be move around your host of the situation may man twenty grand to my left. I have my co host thomas. The greek the facility facilitator introduced. I guess tom time. So this man to my left is your reef. Then that's how i get an introduction. Everything i was waiting for the horns could be like. He's a stylist. Extraordinaire of extraordinaire. Right you might pop up with his own clothes my pop up with with a little bit of our tresor. Close my design. Something might my bad. Oh my l. put that out. Oh my bad my bad as always we're coming to you live from the lobby of the line hotel right here. On full service radio service will serve and in the booth. Today we had the do producer. Extraordinary miss alexia. Hey girl hey. I don't really do much mean. Thank you for calling me producer. You press the button you press record we. Are we on live right now. You make sure that thing happening so tom what's going on man. What's going on man. i i I got interesting text from you earlier today. I you know. I'm a little curious about you. Get mind space your mental. Well being given me which is looking like i'm good. I'm good you don't you. Don't get me and talk about how pockets looking. I'll never read. Oh that's the car you playing ask you wanna play and how many that's how you go into line look good right now. You said one time because the first time he didn't realize one day. Wow you door by the talk. He talk this going on over here on award a break up the on air but from from what i'm hearing there are green pastures in front of you now okay. Is that what. I'm here now. Always green here. I wish everybody the best essay wish everybody the best. What now. I mean what goes through your head as a As a creative as a creative actor major shift like this and now you've got two lanes of highway open to you. What's some of the talk. Price is going to head how to cope brother. I mean you have resources in front of you. You have people you can reach out to you. Just just work the connects right and put your feet moving. Always keep your feet moving. Always if you've watched football you know that guest located keep him over. Yes sir from service. That's always been one of my saints. Man actually want to get that thing tat it on my my ankle. Keep you people keep moving. Keep them over who sweatshirt. you got all right now. That designed look real familiar. Is that my mans which my man. That's a what is it glass. One glass of water only one who hasn't been to his. You've been exclusive though. Oh yeah that's a one. This is a one of one made. Baio reef okay for show them saying the show plugging you know how. Hey nah nah. Nah i went over there to learn how to screen print and and this is one screens he had and i was like well All i brought hoodie on my back. So i put this on here and i tried on this on. Yeah so i just went to town. I got us put it in different places. They're all throughout the like all over. Oh and that's a bridge. That's the bridge would yes on the debris family many differently. Everybody gets you know what i mean. Yeah yeah you got any upcoming projects coming up anything. We need to plug before we committed serious. Friday's the red cup conversation. Red cup conversation. You sir are home. Devon pena aka fashions that is in okay so fashion citizen is one is one of our homeys been home for almost over pretty much ten years Through whatever we got going on and when he comes to our space there's usually other people there and everyone in the room captivated by his words so we were like look. He's going to give you the platform you run off with it like we'll we'll provide the audience and just so happens that that particular concept in its infancy was picked up by a by one of our friends. So we're to do it at in seven words union market nice again shelter in seven words. Definitely shout out to in seven giving us. I had hermit their manage on my last week. You did. I see that was a little network employees. Okay okay. I see how you said that every every so often you have to have the jack moves and the facilitator. Oh i'm wooded. I'm with it so if you're listening seven to nine thirty at in seven words. Flashing citizen bashing citizen will be leading the conversation friday. And it's in your market right right right down the street from katainen re sorta ish ms right around the corner from News area right beside canary. A new block. Yeah do blocks. I gotcha. I got you on saturday. What you got going on. Saturday had to creative hand studios will be the second installation of the beanies art exhibition so yes art show. Og my man backpack man. Who's in new york right now. The silent partner myself and in the one people creative hands. We'll be doing. I think it's what your free. Rsvp ten dollars at the door. Make sure you do that. Quick because the rsvp's running low it's only a small gallery so it's like never of like fifty sixty people so if you try to be one of these cool kids and do i. Jay z says. It gives you some art. That's gonna multiply over the next eight years. This is the place you want to be a place where you want to make that financial investment so sheltered homeless art show. Og g k makes you go to. I think it's beanies too. Bright dot org go. Checkout men are show. oj's instagram at art. Show your bro. yeah trying to kick this cold. Sorry yeah he needs some waters. Africa's geico. Oh man dan i mean we get cold. We don't get sick very often

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