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Until you guys get my music right to the Supreme Court. Play your music when you came on this morning that they have that ready for you. No, but the funny thing in your your lawyer Berry When we did the Colin right before it started, I actually asked. I said, Hey, can I get some walking music and I e. I think they thought I was fucking weird for weird request like, No, We don't do that. Don't they knew I was kidding or not? But it would've been cool if they would have done that. The 30 generals with his Mark Brockovich and And you had that you had a big argument front of the U. S. Supreme Court today on Arizona's Election law and just for the non lawyers. This is a big thing. Most lawyers never argued before the U. S Supreme Court. It's It's an It's an incredible opportunity obviously had to do it virtually now. Have you argued before the Supreme Court before Mark I did. I have one other time. And I agree with you wholeheartedly that it is really an honor. And it was kind of extra special because literally the case is called Burn eventually, DNC because, you know, I stepped in to defend our election laws. So it was kind of extra special and it is kind of like the Super Bowl or the world Serious. Whatever that, you know you want to say about it? And I've said this before about You know, we don't have like a common religion in this country. We don't have a common ethnic identity. And the one thing that kind of binds us together is is the Constitution in the court's interpretation of those of the Constitution, and so it really is like something that's really neat, and I understand the gravity of it and He goes up to the challenge today. That's that's great. Now. This was about ballot harvesting. It's it's you were enforcing the defending Arizona's law suit was brought against it. What one of the suits say What did it claim and then tell us a little about what happened at the Supreme Court today? And there was there was actually two statues and question very one was. Arizona has restrictions on out of precinct voting, like a majority of states to and there was also restrictions on ballot harvesting, who could handle your ballot. So we argued that basically these air, common sense, racially neutral provisions and the court should uphold them. They're not inconsistent with the Voting Rights Act, and the other side essentially said

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