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Here's what's in the news this morning. Another picture of Governor Newsome inside a restaurant, raising new questions. His office posted the picture of Newsome on Tic Tac, visiting with the owners of a Los Amigos Mexican restaurant That's in Fresno with comedian George Lopez. In the video. You can see food and drinks on a table. Here is a clip on audio clip from Tic Tac. All right, Find out if I could get a vaccination. George, you gotta go to my terms, not see a It's not gotten whatever Thank you Jump. Now the owner of the Los Angeles restaurant has tweeted out and we quote this is a slap in the face to every restaurant worker. Last November, of course of pictures surfaced of Newsome dining indoors at the French Laundry restaurant in Napa Valley at a time. When indoor dining had been banned in the state this morning. The proposed Wilton Rancheria Casino and Al Grove is one step closer to opening. Here's kfbk is Jody Guerrero. Tribal leaders were saying they've secured funding for all groves. New Casino, The Wilton Rancheria Resort and Casino will be on 35 acres of land near Highway 99 camera. Road Construction was supposed to start last May, but casino officials say they're announcing a new ground breaking ceremony soon the project is expected to create over $3600 Bobs and the Casino council says the resort will have over 300 rooms, a movie theater, retail shops, restaurants and the pool. Jodie Guerrero News 93.1 kfbk a new warning this morning on cyber attacks from foreign countries like Russia and China. Here's Kevin Mandia. He is the CEO of Cyber security company Fireeye. Here's what he told Axios on HBO. The next conflict where the gloves come off in cyber. The American citizen will be dragged into it, whether I want to be or not. Period. Whatever it happens to be, APS won't work appliances may not work. People don't even know all the things they depend on. He said that while the nation may not be able to beat us with tanks and airplanes, he says computer systems pose a serious vulnerability. President Biden has a virtual summit on his schedule today. Here's NBC's Tracie Potts with detail President Biden meet with Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador. Water security assured to top their agenda one day after former President Trump slammed Biden's immigration policy at the conservative CPAC conference. Lopez over door says he plans to repose a program similar to the one during World War two that allowed Mexican citizens to temporarily work in the U. S to help solve the problems of labor shortages is also expected to touch on the

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