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And diana. Ross going from glamour to nappy head when she was you know without without her when she was being arrested and all that kind of crazy during the drug mess so yeah i was nervous. I was so nervous. I called Berry gordy who is you know. Creator of the film producer in motown beckham is permission to do the film. Because it was it was the holy grail for me. So what was that conversation like. While i was presenting him an award in in detroit at motown hits still and and it was an offstage conversation with a assume that gave him the award. I had a good mood. Juiced above us again man boy. Do you do your thing. But that movie wasn't the real life you know that wasn't the her that wasn't the story man and not that this is her story. This is not her story. A bio pic at all. It's a it's a moment in time. is really love story at espionage. Love story sorta when you really think about it. In united states versus billie holiday. Yes they were after her. But the united states is that part of it is the one of the first black federal agents that they hired that were hired to infiltrate harlem because they couldn't get white men to infiltrate harlem to take billy down for a song. Strange roots going back to ladies singing the blues. I do kind of tell listeners. That glosses over a lot. It basically turns. Let's let's be honest and abusive codependent relationship with her husband. Louis mckay into a love story. And i think he was actually a consultant in the movie so he kinda got to write his own story. Didn't yeah yeah not a great guy memory. And we should if we if we really had listened red. Billie holiday's of A biography memoir her. She didn't really write a but she wrote it with two other people but she never had a hand in it. We would know that louis mckay was not a good guy Necessarily which would made us then. Questioned lady sings the blues man. He he was not he was not a a good guy but She wasn't attracted to good guys. I think that you know when you grow up in a brothel and You don't really know what a good guy is. An you are a prostitute at at a really early age and Your rate ten and you are your center reform school. Because you are rate you know and You know. I just think that you know her. Her idea of what a good man was right right. Absolutely messed up At birth yeah. Billie holiday had a string of bad relationships. And obviously as you alluded to this very troubled childhood involving rape and sex trafficking She's often portrayed as sort of this tragic figure with the fatal drug addiction. And everything else. But i don't think that i've ever heard her referred to as a civil rights hero. D- deserves a place among some of the better known celebrity activists like say mohammed ali. Harry belafonte retha. Sammy those guys. Oh yeah for sure kicked it off. I believe she kick it off. She kicked off the civil rights movement as we know it and i think that that is that is what attracted me most to the film because when you think of civil rights leaders you think of malcolm x. you think of martin luther king You don't really think of you. Don't think billie holiday her legacies what the government really wanted us to be left with was tragic drug riddled really singer. But that was not. You know that's not the case. She stood up to the government and I don't know that i coulda. I know that if they told me today to stop directing your family's out retaking you out at have to seriously thought to it. Sure emirs some of the decisions. That people had make during the hollywood blacklist and mccarthyism and all that and it almost seems absurd today to think that the united states government would be so threatened. By this one song jagger hoover and all these powerful white men in washington believe that strange fruit was so dangerous a what were they afraid of will strange food to deal with the lynching of black people in the south and poll voted a jewish man. And he couldn't get anybody to sing it so billy took it on and it was so powerful those words. I didn't even understand what those words meant. When i watch lady sings the blues all these years. I didn't really understand the significance of those words until i read the script. Susan lori parks is script and that book was by the way based on johann hari's

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