(02/27) HOTL Hour 2


This is handle on the law. Bill handel here telling you have absolutely no case california where i live i. There are two states that are there within the united states but not mentally because the people the legislatures are well california the crazy legislature florida. More the crazy people where you get these wild stories. So i love to talk about crazy. California that laws the legislature which is a supermajority with a super democratic super majority and a democratic liberal governor. You put those two together you have. You have a disaster a recipe for disaster. So here is optically good one. There is a bill that was introduced by two democrats of course and it would require retailers to offer their toys and childcare products in a gender neutral format which means no boys section no girls section it all has to be unified and everything for sale is for children not for boys and girls and you can't eat put up a sign that even indicate whether a product is intended for a boy or a girl and well that is i can see we're taking now gender neutrality to a kind of a level that is beyond a not reality but certainly beyond that part which makes sense and it's i i think the issue here and i am totally in favor of lgbtq rights. There's no question about it. And for the most part i'm in favor of gender neutrality. For example restroom single use restrooms. I have no problem saying gender-neutral. I truly don't but when it comes to retail spaces not even recognizing that there is a gender that their gender differences now The good news. Is you still in stores. They are still allowed to put men sections boys sections Girls women otherwise. You've gone to the retail stores target. Uganda Major retailers Nordstrom's we're talking about department stores and you have the signs say boy section men's etcetera and we haven't reached the point yet where you have signs they just have question marks and then eros that we haven't done yet but when it comes to toys sections we have those days where you differentiate between boys and girls are gone and accepting the fact that They're really that kids yet. Have not yet determined what their sexuality is. And i happen to be a believer That number one there is gender. Dismore fiesta where there are there are plenty of people who born male and identify as females and then later on it Transitional surgery and these people are very unlucky to do that to be born in the wrong body. I truly believe that happens. And i truly believe that happens more often than we know and i truly feel. Sorry it's a horrible way to live. You know being trapped and having to live ally Why i get all that but you know how do you take it. What not even recognizing there's a gender difference. Do you move towards that. That is going to be the point of in department

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