How Facebook is Planning for a Post-Lockdown UK

The Leader


Steve. Let's start with the big news this week. Which is of course. The boris johnson has announced the uk's roadmap out of lockdown is the role for companies like your social media platforms like facebook to play in bringing the uk outside again getting us away from screens and getting back to something like no malady. Yala david and i think that it's been ready clay roe that we can play and i think that like all organizations immediate moment when we saw the pandemic arrive any company is going to be going. Okay what can we do in. How can we help people. How can we ensure our employees siphon well enabled upright. And how can we contribute. So what is clearly a global knowledge In the uk so that was almost the mindset. We set out with a nano ten months ago. We won't be able to back in any time. Decided we do everything we could do. But certainly the kind of is important areas for a facebook have been. How do we make sure people see credible inaccurate information of course the other big paul is helping businesses in a business as large and small but particularly small businesses and founder over two million small businesses are us all platforms in the uk alone to be able to sell within the uk and actually beyond the yucai expos have. How can we help them. Develop the skills the knowledge and the capabilities to enable them to To in some cases survive and get through this and another case is really thrive and make that pivot towards online commerce.

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