Episode 65, Montral: Johnny Zatylny

The Trip


Going to have my love or real good ha and the what's sad. Look around in ecstasy suit. So don't stop me now. I won't do that one because the falsetto not ready to settle. We'll do something like and we think something that's just like Maybe just point. You know what i mean like i did in the. We'll just do my work. Okay mama juice would regard against his who match reagan. he's mama speak gun and now thrown it all away mama. Ooh big accra back again. This time tomorrow. Carry on carry on as if nothing really mad sometimes you have to cross oceans just to make connections big closer to home. This week's case in point janis. Tillman a canadian singer. I want helped land a job and faraway germany. Some friends of mine over there had a very successful theme cover band back in the day. This is europe. We're talking about and clean his big business and they needed a new singer so they had some old video of this guy johnny. He had ridiculous vocal range. He stalks the stage. Bit like freddie and even had touch that famous over. By i was the only north american in that crew so they had me call him and basically johnny well. I liked what i heard twenty years later. Johnny and i are running that conversation back again for this episode this time over. Tito's and soda. Johnny is now one of the world's top freddie mercury cover singers and he was back in his hometown of

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