The Power of the Pivot And Knowing where your transferable skills are needed


You know. People have had a very very very difficult time by the tens of millions with periods of unemployment that had been for some people. fortunately short for others brutally. Long six months or longer in this. I'd i'd i'd corona virus circumstance and the reality is the power the pivot when mean when i talk about. That is something. I talked about back in. Two thousand eight through twelve with the pivot was a lot harder than because we were in a cyclical economic downturn. Do the banking scandals and the result of that era was that it felt like for a significant period of time. There was nowhere really easy to turn today. Though is very very very different. Where even within industries there are people have been thriving. Well have struggled either as business owners or as workers and so if you think about how concentrated. The hardship has been during this pandemic related recession. Where certain things have been just job. Categories brutalized and others. People are doing great but even within the categories where things have been so tough thing about restaurants. How many restaurants have failed. How many restaurant tours. Who worked so hard to build up their dreams and they got crushed by corona virus and then at the same time i saw a story in the new york times how pizza anybody who sold pizza had the best business year in their history over the last year. Pizza tends to be unless you go to some fancy dancy pizza place. Pizza tends to be cheap. It's a lot of people and it was perfect and made to order for delivery. I read a story about a fancy french restaurant. I don't remember where. I read this both fancy french restaurant where they knew they were going down. They were done and then one of them said you know what all these pizza places are doing so great. Why don't we come up with french. Themed pizza and they found a brick oven pizza oven and they started making these french theme pizzas and they deliver them and they've survived. They're not thriving but they've survived to live another day. That is the power of the. Have i read yet. Another story about how restaurant tours that have survived this year or going out now and getting locations for pennies on the dollar where other restaurants have shuttered and as we have more more shots and people's arms you know eating out. It's going to be something people are going to want to gravitate back to who missed. We're social animals. Most of us. We missed that. We've missed that joy kris. Daddy say joy. Vive how do you say that. I do believe schwab to be thank you. We have missed that. I can't pronounce english no way i'm pronouncing something in a foreign language so there are people that are preparing to have locations at much lower overhead in many cases with abandon very valuable kitchen equipment chairs. Everything they need to re-open theme restaurant bat again is the power. The pivot in jobs. I talked about this recently. How many different job categories people were begging for workers and pay his going up while the job category. You may be an working in a hotel Working in most restaurants working in any kind of tourism thing Dad flat on your back concert business. Anything like that you know. I read recently. Sports teams professional. Sports teams have been laying off huge percents of their staffs because they've had no rear ends and seats. And even though tv accounts for such a big share revenue for so many professional teams fans actually do matter in the money they spend and so people who have skills that they may have gotten in sports management school that skill. The you have can be used in so many other kinds of activities promotional activities sales for so many industries where people are thriving

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