AI Storytelling Systems With Mark Riedl


All right everyone. I am here with mark. Redel mark is a professor at georgia institute of technology mark. Welcome to the podcast a delightful to be here. Thank you say. i'm really looking forward to our tat. We've been twitter friends. Twitter connect for quite a while. But it's been a long time in the works trying to get this conversation going so thanks once again and welcome will usually start these conversations by having you introduce yourself to our audience. Tell us a little bit about your journey and how you came to work in at young well. When i was a kid i watched this movie called tron and i've been trying to get it to the gaming grid ever since equality of fraud but the will make it that went back to far right You know is okay. They changed the light cycles. Can't be too happy about that. But ever since then it's kind of been a series of happy accidents but my voyage into artificial intelligence and machine learning came through human computer interaction. So i really interested in this in school took way too many psychology and human factors classes and that was even before discovering this thing called artificial intelligence and the day. I took that class. I was hooked and then somewhere along the way i got invited to explore. Some research got invited to look at. Hey i for computer games and from that point on like everything just kind of kim together. Nice nice when you started with this focus on the computer games. What were some of the things that you're looking at what we were looking at And this is scott. I don't want. I don't want to say how many years ago this was. But we were looking at adaptive game so we wanted to know whether games could change based on what the user wanted to do. Or what the interests of these were. This is sometimes called interactive. Storytelling the idea that you don't have to follow a linear course through a computer game with all these plot points you could decide to do something different. Like even decide to be the bad guy right and then the story would have to change or twist or add new elements into that from there. It became quest generation than it became story generation than we kind of eventually put the graphics aside and just said well you know. Can we just write a novel. Can we write a story that people would actually want to read and working on that ever since

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