A highlight from I Don't Even Know What To Title This Episode LMAO

GG Over EZ


Money's mr fruit and welcome back to g g over easy apologies for the week. Delay wondered where we are while. Here we are in all of our internet at least me white pasty glory. A won't do either way more this shit. Now that's just the lighting on your room was just bad exposure by not that it's bad exposure. It's like like it goes good for a second and then my cameras. Like whoa you need whoa. Are why balances off rather than have i n sixty four cut going bad tiny the haircut roadbed anyway. This episode we talk about new things like entertainment things destiny drama surprise. We learned the difference between kurt russell and russell crowe out. All of us have some sort of thing. We mix up as far as celebrities. I'm terrible with names so for me. That wasn't a surprise celebrity. Okay that's still not but we do a whole bunch of q. And a. as always we talk about we could legends and other overwatch jeff leaving early illegal legends tournament Friggin ham sandwich demon slayer mortal combat other things. I know you guys really want to know what's coming up but you know it's so good i just don't want it's spoiler free intro boyfriend. Intra yeah throwing a back to t so enjoy. This episode await do review no. I don't have holon poem. Filthier fill the debtor Let me see This week I got my seora wig. Which i would try to grab but i'm literally not wear pants as they tried to use my keyboard to grab it. I still wanna okay. This is funny. I got one door. Ironically it's from jason ace eight titled. Don't forget to review. Rob it is five stars and unfortunately rob did. Forget to rid of you. But that's yeah that's as say it's all of us not just him. This is an infinite star podcast with your favorite host talking all about the latest topics ranging from video games to movies to animate a horrible workout techniques. You know it's funny. We would really touched on every one of those this podcast enraged about destiny. Pcp lau he would just summed up his episode. That's incredible make sure you down this podcast. Starting to think we're predictable. That's okay predictable. And then if you're watching on youtube you have quite a treat that is terrifying google. Let me this is the pike. You're that's obvious blue. You always were coward. Okay yeah i them up though this is this is the podcast. Good morning by hello welcoming. Listen ladies

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