U.S. Lifts Pause on J&J's Covid Vaccine


On Johnson and Johnson's covert 19 vaccine. Just hours after a CDC recommendations for an extensive review of the available data, the FDA and CDC are lifting the recommended pause on the Johnson and Johnson or Jenson Covert 19 vaccine. That's acting commissioner Dr Janet Woodcock, ABC Stevo Since Sami is that CDC headquarters, health authorities put a pause on using the vaccine after six women came down with severe blood clots about two weeks after getting the shot the CDC shares that there are now 15 of these cases, most of them with severe blood clots near the brain. All of them are women between 18 and 59 years old. Three of them died and seven are still hospitalized. But the experts underlying that thieves are out of eight million Americans who've gotten the shot with no serious complications. Those who received the shot will be told to watch for symptoms, including severe headache or leg pain, which could be signs of blood clots. Vice President Harris hit

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