Facebook Introduces a New Miniplayer That Streams Spotify


The short film co. let from facebook's oculus studios and e as respond entertainment game studio won an academy award for documentary short subject the first project from the game industry to win an oscar. The film was created for the video game medal of honor above and beyond and is available to stream on youtube oculus tv and the guardians website the new york times reports that the indian government ordered roughly one hundred posts critical of the country's covid nineteen response to be removed from twitter facebook and instagram india claim the posts were misleading and could incite panic. The platforms complied with the order with twitter blocking the tweets in india but leaving them available outside the country on monday apple detailed its plans for. Us development over the next five years including investing four hundred and thirty billion dollars building a new campus in north carolina and adding twenty thousand jobs in the us apple also pledged tens of billions of dollars for the development of next-generation silicon and five g. Technology apple says the north carolina campus will support at least three thousand jobs in machine. Learning artificial intelligence software engineering and other fields. Facebook rolled out support for a new spotify. Many player in the news feed which will continue to play content as a user continues to grow their feed part of a partnership that the companies announced last week the features available to free in premiums spotify users. who will now see facebook and facebook newsfeed option when selecting the share option from within the spotify app and a separate blog post. The company also confirmed its building. Its own app. Podcast player was shows having to opt into the service and expected to roll out in the next few months and macrumors confirmed that the revival ransomware group removed all references related to an extortion attempt against apple which previously included images and schematics. Stolen from the odium quanta. The group had pledged additional information through. May i if not paid a fifty million dollar ransom and it's not clear why the information was removed

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