A highlight from Balance


Gosh it's a record. I don't record. No i don't think that officially constitutes a streak or anything no definitely not but it is something. Celebrate it is. Yeah yep we're here we are. We've done a facebook live. Yeah post to while. Since i've heard the term facebook right 'cause you baled. I did bailed jumped ship. Well and i get it. I understand i stayed put. You wanna know why. Not the cure but okay. Maybe they do. Maybe i just always looked at it as a way to document your life. Yeah i don't know that the wider world cares but when you have four kids you know and there will be a day when i hope way distant future when i'm no longer here and maybe they're bored they might want to go back and just kind of you know review. I come to the conclusion. It won't care about arguments. That i had with folks about politics i quit doing. That's fair. so that's why i do it. One thing. I do i stayed. I missed the. It's just so easy like facebook groups like you just have everybody in one spot and it's easy to just like you know like the north central nebraska arts council. I can't post in there anymore. And it's a little inconvenient so i do i do miss that aspect of just. It's easy to get in contact with a lot of people at two seconds. Sure sure but mostly my mental health is just a lot better. I can understand that as well. So this episode. We're gonna be talking a little balance but before we get into that. I think we ought to close up some things that we discussed last week. Yeah and I'm kind of excited for this. Because i reviewed last week show. I recognize that. I don't think i screwed anything. I don't think i texted own. I see now i i. Didn't i date. Did it as good as i'm going to get right. I mean this is probably the closest that i'm getting into a full screw up on your part so we're going to you know we're getting dance on this one. I hate but we're not going to call it a screw up because it was not that well. You're not okay fine. I just forgot them on. Yeah all right here we go. Hey it's that time again to tell you all the things we say. That are not accurate. Its core goals corrections corner and sometimes van be so in this case sometime it was me but it's not screw up so i it's not a correction. It's just like a further information. Probably fair enough. You're stressing me out. you know. i don't like to be wrong. I know it's but we talk about that. That discomfort leads to growth. Yeah yes oh okay so chocolate into that okay. The quote unquote correction slash just providing further information for this week. Is that author we were talking about. Is that what you're talking about. Yeah yes is. James patterson absolutely and i'm like i don't know how did not his his name just did not come into my brain and so i got a text message was at the next day. Yes and then. My daughter hit me up shortly. Good podcast. several folks yes listeners. You helped us out. So i appreciate that. And we should have known. James patterson yes because he's got he's literally at tv commercials for his books. Right if it was either him. Or l. ron hubbard. No not that all right. What's a dianetics. I think your child of the eighties. If you know that so i don't that second dianetics. That was the book. It was always advertised on tv. Biol- ron hubbard. That was the founder of scientology. I only know him as the founder of scientology will he wrote a book. The book that leads you to scientology has called diabetics eighties. You couldn't watch television without a really bizarre. Yeah that's like dianetics. By l ron hubbard. That's that's why. I can even kind of visualize the ad just being. It's very surreal. It was a little kind of a. I didn't know what it was. When you're a kid you just the ad because he's like on all the time right. Speaking of i was on tiktok yesterday and book talk is also very much aside. That i'm on so as people doing book reviews all the time

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