Melancholy (MM #3687)

The Mason Minute


The Maison with Kevin Nation. I've been feeling a bit while the word I came up with is melancholy the last few days and for a silly silly reason. But follow up here the other day, I saw a friend of mine from Akron announced that one of the malls up there. One of the shopping malls, Chapel Hill Mall. Was finally closing for good. It's been limping along for a couple of years and then I thought about all the memories I have yes about ashaad because we had a lot of activities and events there. When I was with the radio station, we did one of our Trick or Treat events there. That was very big album signings or, you know, artists signings where they come in and sign their CDs or albums or whatever it was back in the day at the Camelot music. Then Fye Music store right near the food court. It's all for the mall where I bought my wife's engagement ring back in. Nineteen what 96 was it? The mall had a lot of special memories to me. We wanted A Secret acoustic song in their parking lot. And thousands upon thousands of people came to see an acoustic show, not knowing who was going to play. It's going away and I don't know if they're going to tear it down, it'll become an Amazon distribution center or something but it's kind of sad kind of melancholy dead.

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