The SARS’ Menace, By Dele Agekameh – Premium Times Opinion


It just like out of the whole experience it was like it was a craziest penis like ever also every time i called the police it's like not the most urgent thing like a homeless man with his wieners not linked urgently don't sabri your data so it was comic highly this isn't like an emergency and they always want to take your name and i'm like like to have to yet i'm like i these are going to let you know unlike take your time getting there if there's like other things going on that's fine i just want to make you aware that there's a situation in washington street i've called the police many times once in like of actually when my friend ana fainted once again to know what to do so i called the police and that i realise as those climate this is dramatic and it hung up and they kept calling me back that was dramatic sometimes so you need to call three one one and not 911 well one time i did call the police in like an urgent criminal matter and it's one of the reasons like i will resent ben for this until the day that i die because of what he did to me i know this i shall tell the story we were walking just an average day on 72nd third avenue in the '70s their greet stores and shops round they're not listening sorry i just wanted to see what i know the serie you're telling the fan and what is not as fun if they don't have someone in a way so and i just feel like an aide to talk to you on them.

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