Trump says he'd be 'tougher' in Brexit talks than UK's May


You're in office with president also thanked british prime minister theresa may is doing brexit torch long in an it the interview mr trump says would it be the way i negotiate no among other things the president says he would have a different attitude but did not elaborate britain is preparing to leave the european union in march 2019 the conflicts the gauchet asians a move slowly and british prime minister may cabinet seems divided over how best to proceed correspondent average stewart a prolific door to the republican party whereas resigned the post gop finance chairman of allegations of sexual harassment casino mogul steve wynn calls the allegations are quote distraction for the national party efforts but he denies the charges published of wall street journal it appears justice ruth bader ginsburg intends to stay on the supreme court court for a long time at eighty four the courts eldest justices packing your schedule showing off parts of her work out routine in the new documentary and hiring law clerks take her through june two thousand twenty as just four months before the next presidential election in burg also produced two of the courts four signed opinion so far this term her travel during the courts monthlong break taking her from utah sundance film festival the law schools and synagogues on the east coast she'll be in rhode island tuesday and unable to attend president trump's state of the union speech rhonda rush to reporting the death toll one hundred three in kabul afghanistan a suicide bombing carried out by the.

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