As Mueller Closes in on Trump, the Right Pushes Back: Will He Be Fired?


Fourth amendment protections against unlawful search and seizure have been violated that's according to a top lawyer for the trump transition team who says that special counsel robert muller inappropriately obtained thousands of emails from key members of the transition team related to the russia probe lorcy normally tightlipped about things like this defends the discovery process like this they say one we have obtained emails in the course of our ongoing criminal investigation we have secured either the owner's consent the cow owner's consent or appropriate criminal process the transition team says they were ready to cooperate and then going through these emails and separating ones they think are privileged or not relevant to russia probe but muller has as the whole batch now and there was never a subpoena thought peter duisi in a letter to to congressional committees the trump transition team says moller secured the emails through the general services administration without the consent of team trump the tsa maintains if did nothing improper president trump is at camp david for meetings with cabinet officials who returns to the white house this afternoon and hopes to sign a tax bill by the end of the week now that republicans believe they have the votes prospects improved in the senate floor and a republican marco rubio signalled support after securing an expanded child tax credit in tennessee republican bob corker said he'll vote yes he was the only republican to vote no one an earlier senate version fox's jared halpern democrats are united in their opposition the weather in southern california working against firefighters california remaining dry unfortunately and today the winds will keep a kick up again so fire conditions are going to remain bad today fox meteorologist rick reich meals fox news fair and balanced.

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