Trenni and Tomase - Was Garoppolo traded out of spite? 12-30-2017


Understand it it's hard to get a quarterback and you got a quarterback almost nothing the patriots had no choice right so they basically gave them away and everybody in the league is trying to find a quarterback most team dr so when you have that checked off the list you do feel better about yourself right and you feel like some does happen and i get that i totally great but i mean look at it just a few years ago it's comparable to andrew luck with the colts white think about it like that where there was a conversation between mark dominic who is the tampa gm at the time and buddy nix who was the bills gm at the time some guy somehow got a hold of both numbers and got it where they called each other and he was able to record the conversation so they were recorded without being known about the recording and they were talking about andrew lock in their lega you know i told grigson he's a luckiest gm in football you just draftage reluctantly matter what you do from that point on it's like no it does does matter ryan talent than just the stud quarterback absolutely and i think that's where people are getting crazy about it and it's fine if he wants a super bowl four years i gladly pay output on i'm expecting two hundred dollars uh you can have that money spent are ready men in designated high or years yeah a mighty hit a might after after they don't make the playoffs next year a might as saw more renewal ants now if he wasn't just hitting he an optout of the bed 400 am eric given an optout i'll give you out alike what was the game show with our you could make a deal dionicio dealer no deal yeah thank you goodness those breaker no break we'll we'll break we'll break now no break screw it let's talk about todd grueling that now we'll take a break coming up next on the gaiko studios one major reason todd girlie as an mvp candidate and it has nothing to do with todd girlie it's brian known rob parker right you're on fox sports radio fancy aa college football we're covering your college football both season god dan we growled a.

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