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Calm Before The Storm


Get everybody. Welcome to the CRYPT podcast. Yes cities me. Gyn for the small on my door really really really really really really palms about what's going on with my mentors apprentices. Let me tell you what the current group that mentors teach other people Working with them on the details of the trading that it's it's really. I'm just be on start. I mean I'm not going to tell you the names but I will tell you that we've got one who's trading for an ethics probe desk. He has knocked it out of the park. I think he's something like seventy four percent up. I don't think about twelve months or something like that. doing phenomenally. Well not good numbers to you. Know the guys making a fulltime Outta this Another one up eighty four percent in the last twelve twelve months. Oh I believe it was as well. Another one is up two hundred percent in a month so which is saying some absolutely phenomenal results coming through and I'm sorry crowding. Yeah I'm stuck in Oscillation about the rest of the guys and girls out there in this wonderful. We'd world that we live in now that it's it's those little things that really really. I guess it makes me feel really special. Really good to be able to help other people to give them that opportunity. Now Look it's it's not my work right. It's on the one who's giving them the opportunity. They're the ones that are. Tighten it by the horns and made it work for them now. What's the difference between them and you have? You've got to ask yourself that. Know me because you can do this. You know you can do this as just a matter of getting getting it's getting stuck in and doing it you probably the dominant already or you've been listening for a long time. You'll never be convinced to do. And that's absolutely okay. There's never been a bit of time as a cave on sighing going to Cape on signing a god. Because it's important you understand you gotta sit back and really think what he wanted this circumstance. We're looking being looked down or at least having heavy restrictions in Australia six months and the rest of it could be longer and it could be longer here on Australia. We just don't know what the future holds. But I do know what I hold and I've got an ice and I've got a king. I'm sitting pretty and applying blackjack by the way so thing looking really really good at the time in the markets are sitting pretty. We got great momentum at a couple of days. Loss coupled is being relatively slow on the on the volatility but that's trading on this me go to the bitcoin bright cat and I've got a few tribes of law. Sorry I haven't Rice. Orders of goodfeet shots on watching very closely and now on just patiently waiting to get the opportunity to get those of you. Who have done the courses? I already done causes speaking to you. Now get yourself into the community or not on. They're pretty much fulltime. The mind trading of putting up trading days answering questions being involved and You know you can slowly watch my mind. Deteriorate thought today was Friday it of course not if he says day. It's quite a fun little grabbing. We're doing really well in that. Groups are get in there and if anyone has an F. T. X. trading cats don't forget hit me up either on facebook twitter all you walk in the.

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Calm Before The Storm

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