Phoenix police officer killed, 2 others injured in shooting


A domestic violence call turns deadly for the Phoenix police department that's our top story and Jerry foster is in for Jamie west nine eight twenty three thousand eight hundred thirty six north forty of drive thru officer down Charlie ten Charlie ten yeah that initial call of a deadly officer involved shooting in north Phoenix courtesy of broadcastify a long time Phoenix police department veteran shot and killed last night during a domestic dispute two other officers were also wounded but expected to survive KTA ours Jim cross joins us live near fortieth Avenue and pinnacle peak in north Phoenix with the latest gem yeah Germany thirty one years on the force commander Greg Carmichael shot and killed in a home after responding to roommates and a fight to other officer's name was not released yet both female were also shot taken to the hospital they're expected to recover of a suspect a twenty two year old man was shot and killed by police Phoenix police sergeant Mercedes Porsche and spoke about the fallen officer conical just months away from retirement

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